Drug Use and Recovery

Never Use Alone

Homepage: Facebook

Phone number: 800-484-3731

Struggling with a drug addiction? This group is willing to help, but in a slightly unusual way. Calling their number connects you to an operator who will ask a few questions (eg: name, location, allergies) and then remain in contact with you while you use. The idea here is to have a lifeline ready in case of accidental overdose: if they lose contact with you, the operator can alert local emergency services that you need immediate medical help.

However, if you are ready to quit using drugs, they also provide resources to help you become clean and free again.

SMART Recovery

Homepage: SMARTrecovery.org

SMART Recovery is an organization aimed at help you leave your addictions behind. Unlike many popular groups, this is a secular alternative, and it does not use religious or spiritual beliefs in its program. In addition to meetings held in person, they offer an online forum for users to support each other and overcome their challenges.


Homepage: r/TripSit

Are you on Reddit? Then you might be interested in r/TripSit, a subreddit community designed to help people use safely, similar to a "chill out" tent at a rave or festival. This is a friendly and non-judgemental community, and makes a good stepping stone for people who are uncomfortable with less anonymous services.

Use a burner account if you don't want to expose your normal Reddit handle.

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