So, you want to see the coolest stuff out there? No problem!

This page gives you a list of 15 randomly selected websites I think are especially cool or worth visiting.
Indispensable amateur radio information, including: multiband antenna designs, on-line HF propagation prediction, calculators, live ham radio and GNU/Linux.
Jokes of the day
A joke is something spoken, written, or done with humorous intention. Jokes may have many different forms but ours are the best. If you are interested in a high dose of entertainment, is your destination!
Wall art generator - Rasterbator
Wall art generator. Enlarges images to multiple pages, which you can then print and combine into huge posters.
Fun Funny Facts
Fun Funny Facts - Over 15,000 fun facts covering more than 1,000 different topics. Explore Sports, History, Movies, Music, Entertainment, Animals, Countries, Cities, Landmarks and more.
Foundry Art Centre
The Foundry Art Centre connects people with the arts through exhibitions, studio artists, performances, and educational programming.
For Elvis Fans Only
'For Elvis Fans Only' brings you all the Elvis Presley news and information, reviews, articles and interviews along with Elvis videos, Elvis photos. Bringing you 100% Elvis Presley.
Mervin Made
Welcome to the world of Mervin Manufacturing! 30 plus years of hands on environmental minded technologically experimental manufacturing in the USA.
Fun Facts - Get Your Daily Dose of Interesting and Funny Facts
Fun facts make life interesting. Featuring a variety of random, interesting, weird, and funny facts and trivia that are added on a regular basis.
LITTLE CRITTER Stories, Jokes, Puzzles and Games for Kids.
Hi! I'm Little Critter. I live in Critterville. Come in, read my favorite jokes, learn all about me. Stories and sweet fun for kids. From childrens author and illustrator, Mercer Mayer.
We bring you high quality Star Trek contemporary fine art for the discerning fan. You'll find beautiful artwork at Bye Bye, Robot to add to your Star Trek collection. All artwork transported to the present by a well-meaning, time-traveling robot -- we think.
Dracula Dark theme for 160+ apps
Dracula is a color scheme for code editors and terminal emulators such as Vim, Notepad++, iTerm, VSCode,, ZSH, and much more.
The Brickfilmers Guild
Brickfilming association created to spotlight and connect those that practice the art of brickfilming. Brickfilmers are the artist that make animated films using plastic building bricks such as LEGO, Mega-Bloks, OYO Sports, KRE-O, and others.
NASA Space Place
NASA’s award-winning Space Place website engages upper-elementary-aged children in space and Earth science through interactive games, hands-on activities, fun articles and short videos. With material in both English and Spanish and numerous resources for kids, parents and teachers, Space Place has something for everyone.
DisneyLies -- your source for bad Disney information
Walt Disney, the Disneyland resort, and Disney films lies, unsubstantiated rumors, ridiculous half-truths, bad information, and just plain made up stuff
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